Based on Your Smile...

it's all about perspective
3rd March 12


Found even more old photos that I’d missed last week.
Miriam and Corinne looking cute in 2006.

Given the events of the last few weeks, I simply can’t stop dreaming about Miriam. Not a night has gone by where she hasn’t been in my dream in some form or another. Ironic that Adrienne posted these photos today because in my dream last night, the gang was hanging out and suddenly Mir showed up too. We all understood that she was there in a different form than the rest of us, but her smile, spirit and excitement (as embodied by the photos above) made it as though nothing had changed at all. Our group of friends from high school had all gotten together to hang out, and Mir - being an essential part of that group - came to join as well. As simple and as sweet as that. Miss you Mir. 

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